we hand you the keys to advertise in our stores.

Weden offer brands a full selection of high-quality digital screens inside our stores for advertising. Market your brand directly to our customers.

we make it simple to market directly to consumers

reach local customers

advertise your brand to all of our customers.

work smarter, not harder

produce, launch, and update your campaign on digital screens, faster than print.

stay relevant

remind customers what you’re up to with consistent updates from anywhere, anytime.

get started

select screen

choose which of our digital billboard screens you would like to run your campaign on.

upload artwork

effortlessly upload media files straight from your phone or computer.

start looping

just like that, your advertisements will go live in our stores.

content swaps

switch content anytime

customer support

support 24/7

secure payment

safe payment processing

proof of play

detailed analytics

connect with us

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